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Incorporate Cascando into your digital plans with pCon.planner

Including OFML-data, 2D and 3D drawings

pCon.planner is a multifunctional planner that you can use to create 3D interior designs and presentations in just a few steps. The graphical representations of our products, in both 2D and 3D, have been enhanced using OFML (Office Furniture Modeling Language). OFML data contains additional information such as article numbers, recommended retail prices and product descriptions. You can configure the products easily by selecting options in a step-by-step process.

Design high-quality digital plans in a simple way, present them in 3D and access prices and other information directly to prepare your quotations.

How does Cascando distribute its data?

Cascando makes its data available via the software package pCon.update. With pCon.update you work on your own computer and download the required drawings and OFML-enhanced data online when you need them. As the database is managed online, the data is always available quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Most importantly, however, you can be sure that you are always working with up-to-date data and drawings.

Start working on your digital designs

Are you already a pCon.planner user?
If so, download the Cascando data. You can do this easily via your existing installation of the auxiliary program DataClient.

Are you not yet a pCon.planner user?
Set to work using the free marketing version of pCon.update:
- Direct access via pCon.update to all OFML data of Cascando only
- Support provided by Cascando
- Register via https://update.easterngraphics.com/registration/CADO79

›› Help relating to the installation of the marketing version of pCon.update

pCon.update service subscription

• Direct access to OFML data of a large number of leading manufacturers
• Unlimited downloads
• Support and service provided by EasternGraphics
• Cost is only €28.00 per month

You only need one subscription for your entire organisation and there are no restrictions on the number of users per subscription.
Register via https://update.easterngraphics.com